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Dom Minasi, Juampy Juarez, Harvey Valdes - ¡Power Trio!

Blaise Siwula / Dom Minasi: The Sunshine Don't Mind My Singing

Blaise Siwula / Dom Minasi: The Sunshine Don't Mind My Singing

Baise Siwula / Dom Minasi: The Sunshine Don't Mind My Singing (2015)

Published: February 25, 2015

Blaise Siwula / Dom Minasi: The Sunshine Don't Mind My Singing
Saxophonist and clarinetist Blaise Siwula and guitarist Dom Minasi share a unique musical vision and seamless camaraderie. Years of performing and  recoding together have crystallized their adventurous outlook and their intellectual communion. The sublime set of spontaneous duets; The Sunshine Don't Mind My Singing is the perfect showcase of these attributes.

Siwula and Minasi weave elements from various genres into the half a dozen, stimulating improvisations that comprise the album. "Upstream Boogie," for instance starts out as a deconstructed rondo as Siwula's warm, resonant clarinet and Minasi's percussive guitar engage in a circular, sinewy dance up and down the scales with breathtaking agility. Their showcase of virtuosity is not at the expense of artistic creativity. The piece evolves in a series of fast, repeating motifs into an intelligent and emotive exchange of ideas. It concludes with Minasi's thick chords chiming against Siwula's troubadour like woodwind song.

Elsewhere on "Ballad For Miss-Begotten" the pair build a bluesy atmosphere with Minasi's cascade of slow simmering notes and Siwula's evocative, vibrato filled saxophone. The passionate dialogue maintains a definite earthy rawness all the while progressing into a cerebral, contemplative stream of consciousness conversation that is provocative and unfettered. The tune delightfully wavers between avant-garde extemporizations and earlier swing styles. Siwula eschews honks and wails in favor of lithe, up-tempo, free flowing ad lib lines, laced with reserved excitement and subtle ardor. Minasi's rhythmic flourishes contain fragments of trad jazz cadence.

Despite the angular and often dissonant nature of these harmonic explorations they all subsume a strong melodic undercurrent. On the title track Siwula's fiery boisterous clarinet winds tightly around Minasi's intricate tonal patterns resulting in swirls of bright sounds that swing with their own internal "logic." A bittersweet lilt accents their flirtations with atonality.

This intellectually thrilling and innovative album requires and rewards close and attentive listening. It is certainly not for background ambience but it does have a surprising accessibility that will satisfy and captivate a wide range of open-minded music fans.
Track Listing: Bird Mixology; Upstream Boogie; Ballad for Miss-Begotten; Polka For A Left Footed Frog; The Sunshine Don't Mind My Singing; Sign On The Dotted Line.

Personnel: Blaise Siwula: reeds; Dom Minasi: guitar.

Record Label: Nacht records

Style: Modern Jazz

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Monday, April 22, 2013

They Had A Dream

They had their dream,
They had their guns
They quietly moved among the crowd and
planted their bombs hoping to run.

Two brothers with one thought in mind,
Kill people
Doesn't matter what kind.

For all they knew they  could hurt their own
but the first to die was a child of eight,
an unknown.

They ran like the dogs they were.
 Shooting in the streets, fighting for their lives with the guns they got somehow.
They killed again but one would die
the other escaped and hid in a boat,
thinking some how away he would float.

Now in a hospital charged with his crimes
Surrounded by those who brought him in
Do you think he knows what he has done?
Do you think he knows, he was wrong?

Guess he and his brother didn't know

Saturday, April 7, 2012

It Started On A Sunday

The sun rose early that Sunday morning. As the night sky disappeared and the Sun glided over the rising buildings the sound of birds started filling the air with the natural sounds of their music. Very soon there would be men, women and children in the streets strutting along to get to their destinations. The markets were starting to get busy while a cool breeze swept over the city. But this Sunday was different. There was a soft whisper among the folk.” He’s coming, he’s coming”! Some knew but many did not. “ Soon he’ll be here”. “Who will be here”? “Haven’t you heard”? “They say he is the Son of God”.“The Son of God”. What’s his name”?” I think they call him Jesus”
Three hours later riding on a donkey followed by his disciples Jesus of Nazareth entered Jerusalem. As he passed by, palms were laid in his path and people reached out, called his name and tried to touch him or even look for a glance their way for it was said that he was a healer, a miracle worker and with a look or a touch you could be healed from whatever ails you. It was rumored that he commanded Lazarus to rise from the dead and Lazarus rose. Never in the history of the world had there been such a healer. Maybe he is the Son of God!
The high-ranking Rabbi’s of the Jewish community met Jesus.He was taken to the temple and asked many questions such as, are you Who are you? He answered, “I am who am” The Rabbi’s did not understand. They thought that the man who stood before them was a charlatan, or at least arrogant enough to think he is the Son of God. In their minds he did not fulfill the prophecy claiming the Son of God would someday appear. After all, although he understood the scriptures he was only the son of a carpenter and a carpenter himself.
The line that separated the Jews from the Romans was very thin and to have a Jew claim he is the Son of God or the King of the Jews would not only create havoc among the population but also damage the political lines between the two.
Something had to be done. But what? Secret meanings were held. It was decided he would be brought to the governor, Pontius Pilate, to decide. But how will this be done? Someone knew Judas. Judas was in debt and needed money. He probably could be persuaded to lead the Roman guard to Jesus to arrest him.
On Thursday night at dinner with his disciples, Jesus told them that someone in the group would betray him and he would be arrested that very night. Many of the disciples shouted, not I lord, not I. Jesus also claimed, “As the cock crows three times, one of you will deny knowing me”. Shocked again they shouted not I, not I. He told them I must pray. “Come to the Olive garden and wait outside while I speak with my father”. While still praying a group of Roman soldiers arrived being led by Judas. They asked which one of you is Jesus. Judas told them he is not here. He is in the garden. The soldiers tied Jesus’ hands behind his back. Informed him he was being charged with heresy and led him away. The disciples yelled and screamed and begged, but there was nothing they could do.
That night Jesus was put in a dungeon. He endured torturing and the laying of a crown of thorns on his head. Bleeding he awaited his fate. The next day, he was brought in front of Pontius Pilate. At the town square in front of many people, the governor asked, what do you want of me? The Rabbi’s said that this man is a criminal. He claims to be the King of the Jews and the Son of God. Pilate said it was not a crime and he went to a bowl and washed his hands as a symbolic gesture. “Sire this will not do. Something has to be done” Pilate said let the people decide. The angry mob clamored and yelled for crucifixion. Along side this holy man was a thief and a murderer. All three would be executed in the most horrifying way.
The Roman guards placed a heavy wooden cross on Jesus’ shoulders and he was ordered to carry that cross a very long distance to Mount Calvary. On both sides of the road the crowd jeered and taunted him. They were same people who laid palms in his path a few days before. The trek to the mountaintop was difficult. Jesus fell three times and each time he was whipped and told to get up. Finally exhausted he reached his destination. He was stripped of his robe and put atop the cross. The other prisoners were tied to their crosses, but Jesus was nailed. His cross was raised and put into the ground. The mountaintop was filled with all kinds. Many were his followers who looked on in disbelief and cried. Others were part of the mob that enjoyed watching a man die. Others were curious to see if this was truly the Son of God. Maybe he will perform a miracle and step down off of his cross. Hi mother Mary and Mary Madelyn stood in front of the cross and wept uncontrollably.
Jesus suffered for three hours. It was said that he cried out before he died, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”. To make sure he was dead, a Roman soldier stabbed him with a spear. His body was taken down and brought to a tomb. Both Mary’s washed and anointed his body with oils and wrapped it in a clean white robe. The tomb was sealed with a big stone.
It is said that an Angel appeared to Mary and told her that Jesus would rise in three days. Three days later the big stone that sealed the tomb was set aside and Jesus’ body was gone.
Many of his disciples said that Jesus came to them as they hid from the Romans. All believed it was Jesus except Thomas. But this man standing in front of Thomas showed him his wounds and Thomas believed. A few days later as each disciple ran from the city in fear of being arrested too. The cock crowed three times and as a Roman soldier pointed to Peter and accused him of being one Jesus’ disciple, Peter denied it three times.
The Question Is:
If Jesus died to save us, why aren’t we saved? If the Christian Religion was formed based on the teachings of Jesus, why has the Catholic Church accepted pedophiles into the priesthood and protects them? Why throughout the years have the Christians done so much wrong and have contributed to the downfall of society as we know it? Don’t you think if Jesus came back he would be disgusted the way we have turned out. Wouldn’t he ask himself, I went through all that for nothing? Do you think if he knew how we are now, he would have gone through all that suffering and pain? I doubt it. And if God the Almighty is All That Is, he knew this was going to happen. So what was the point of putting his son through all that?
Questions, Questions and More Questions!